There are many apple varieties grown in our region.
These are some that we have available at Rest Awhile Country Market:


Red Delicious

One of the most famous American apples. These apples are medium sized, with an intense dark red color. They have a strong sweet flavor, and softer flesh.
Approximate picking date: Sept 23

Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are classic apples with green skin. They are crisp apples with a very sharp taste.
Approximate picking date: Oct 15


Very large apples with crisp flesh. Their flavor is sweet, but with a lot of acidity. Approximate picking dates: Sept 13-23


Crisp and juicy apples, with just the right amount of tang and sweetness. Approximate picking dates: Sept 30-Oct 7


This apple is a pleasant mix of sweetness and tart with a very mellow taste. Approximate picking dates: Aug 30-Sept 13


The Elstar apple is commonly used in desserts and apples sauce due to the sweet flavor. It is a medium-sized apple with skin of mostly red with yellow showing and white flesh.
Approximate picking date: Sept 15


Empires are deep red apples with bright white flesh and crisp texture. It has a very sweet flavor, especially when eaten straight from the tree.
Approximate picking date: Sept 23


Fuji apples are some of the most popular today. They are crisp and juicy with dull white flesh that snaps cleanly. The flavor is very sweet and refreshing.
Approximate picking date: Oct 19

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples are very sweet, especially when they are fresh picked. This apple can be used for both eating and baking, and has a very attractive appearance.
Approximate picking dates: Sept 18–23


The Gravenstein has a crisp and juicy texture, and a wonderful sweet-tart flavor. This is one of the best apples for making applesauce and pies.
Approximate picking dates: Aug 2–23


The Akane has a firm, crisp, and flavorful eating apple. It is often mistaken for a Jonathan because they share the same tart, sprightly flavor.
Approximate picking dates: Aug 4-23

Ida Red

A firm apple with white flesh, the Ida Red has a more tart flavor suiting it very well for pies and apple sauce.
Approximate picking dates: Sept 23-30


An apple with some history behind it, the Spitzenburg is said to be one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple. It has a fresh yet rich flavor that suits it as a dessert apple.
Approximate picking date: Oct 7


These apples are a rich red in color, with a white, crispy flesh. They are very juicy with a tart, even wine-like taste.
Approximate picking date: Oct 7

York Imperial

This apple is tart yet sweet with firm flesh. These attributes lend themselves well to baking because of the delicious flavor and allowing the fruit to keep its shape during the cooking process.
Approximate picking date: Oct 19


Transcendent Crabapple

These small crabapples are golden yellow in color, and very small. They are perfect for use in preserves.
Approximate picking dates: Aug 4-23


Macs have white, tender, crisp flesh that’s highly aromatic, and full of juice. This flavor carries over into apples sauce and apple cider. Macintosh apples are the no. 1 apple used to make apple cider. Approximate picking dates: Aug 30–Sept 11


Rome apples are deep solid red and perfectly round, with cream-colored flesh. Makes flavorful sauces, pies, and baked apples. They are sweet-tart when first picked, but mature into a mellow flavor.
Approximate picking date: Oct 7


Smokehouse apples are sweet, and faintly spicy. A favorite for pies and sauce.
Approximate picking date: Oct 7


The stayman’s distinctive sweet-tart flavor, snappy bite, satisfying texture and crimson color have made them a favorite.
Approximate picking date: Oct 7


This apple has yet to be concisely defined.
Approximate picking date: Sept 27


Firm with smooth, clean skin and good color, Jonathans have a spicy tang that blends well with other varieties in sauces and cider.
Approximate picking date: Sept 23

Winter Banana

Winter Banana Apples are pale yellow with faint pink blush. The flavor is a nice combination of sweet and tart, with a definite banana aroma and very dense & crisp texture.
Approximate picking date: Sept 18

Common Red

This apple has yet to be concisely defined.
Approximate picking date: Oct 9


“An apple a day keeps the Doctor away”