Nectarines are also known as a “fuzzless peach”.


Arctic Glo

Sprightly-sweet, early season white-fleshed nectarine. The taste has a nice balance of sugar and acid which makes for a very appealing flavor.
Approximate Picking Dates: July 28 – Aug. 2


Dark red freestone, yellow flesh freestone ideal for eating or preserving. Large size and very flavor full.
Approximate Picking Dates: Aug. 9 – Aug. 22


The Independence fruit is gold, blushed with a brilliant cherry red. One of the best nectarines because of its rich, tangy-sweet flavor.
Approximate Picking Dates: Aug. 4 – Aug. 22

Arctic Jay

Very attractive, firm, freestone fruit is richly flavored, with a balance of acid and sugar.
Approximate Picking Dates: Aug. 22 – Aug. 31


Fruit is medium-large with a cherry red skin color. Very good flavor.
Approximate Picking Dates: Aug. 21 – Aug. 29

Red Gold

A very large fruit with glossy red and gold skin. The flesh is yellow with red around the pit. The fruit has good shelf life.
Approximate Picking Dates: Aug. 29 – Sept. 4


“Nectarines are just less fuzzy peaches.”