Believe it or not, the very delicious pear, like the apple, is a member of the rose family (Rosaceae). And the name may have evolved from an Aramaic word that meant fruit or to multiply and bear fruit. No matter the origin or meaning, there are a few varieties we simply call “delicious”!



These first ripe pears have been a favorite of home canners for generations. Tender and juicy when ripe, they complete any Labor Day meal. An overripe pear will be stringy and soft in the jar.
Approximate Picking Date: Sept. 3


These are the most common and popular of winter pears. D’Anjou pears are firm and juicy, many people like them still crunchy, but if allowed to fully ripen, they will mature all starch to sugar, and be creamy smooth and sweet.
Approximate Picking Date: Sept. 19


These long-necked narrow winter pears, when ripened properly are a delight. Less yellow than Bartlett or D’Anjou, these will have a cinnamon russet finish over the background yellow.
Approximate Picking Dates range from mid-September up to early October.


“Eat pears, for they polish the heart.”